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Recognizing the need for coordination between building envelope trades, the Aluminum & Glass Division was established to provide our customers with fully integrated building envelope solutions. Whether developers were designing with metal or glass or both, our value proposition was simple: remove the challenges involved with bringing together separate metal and glass contractors, and let us design and deliver both disciplines without the worry of coordinating between trades.

Since the founding of Gage Aluminum & Glass, we have been privileged to deliver various curtain wall applications, glass canopies and interior glazing to some of Ontario's most important community hubs. These include  hospitals, universities, community centres, and transit stations, among others, and we continue working hard to bring the best technology to developers in the regions.

Curtain Wall Assembly

Gore Meadows Community Centre & Library

Perhaps no other product better demonstrates our expertise in modern building envelope technology than our ability to deliver glass curtain walls in both unitized and stick built applications.

By working closely with a number of the leading curtain wall system suppliers, we are able to provide developers with numerous options to suit any project's performance needs and budget.

Both unitized and stick assemblies with our various suppliers, allow builders to keep costs down without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

  • Working with North America's best manufacturers
  • Helping developers achieve reduced energy costs and achieve LEED (and other) certification(s)
  • Utilization of BIM software to ensure fully integrated design

Interior Glazing

Our experience designing and manufacturing curtain wall projects has created opportunities for both integral and decorative interior solutions for our clients. We have worked with some of Ontario's leading architects to deliver innovative and creative interior aluminum and glass applications such as all glass screens and doors, balustrades, back painted or digitally printed glass feature walls for entire communities to enjoy.

Our glass balustrade applications are another prime example of how our experience in glass and metal fuse together to provide our clients with structural sound and aesthetically pleasing finished products. Top-slab supported and point-supported balustrades can be designed and installed along the slab edge or stair stringers. Our expertise in metal and glass for the building envelope has led us to innovate and offer exceptional interior applications for our clients.

  • Custom Designs to suit any application
  • ‘Off-the-shelf’ supplier systems for quick turn-around and cost effective solutions 
  • 3D Scanning to ensure accurate and clean fit and finish

TTC 407 Station

Glass Canopy

TTC Yorkdale Station

Installing a glass canopy to the outdoor entrance of a building brings both form and function to modern developments. Our canopies are built to the highest safety standard and can be customized to suit any application. 

Point supported and framed canopies keep wet weather away from exterior doors and allow natural light to pass through, brightening the entranceway of the building. We work with North America's leading suppliers of glass hardware to bring canopy solutions to some of Ontario's most ambitious developments. Recently, we have brought our expertise in installing glass canopies to some of the region's leading hospitals and universities.

  • Point Supported or Fully Framed Design Options
  • Designed to exceed OBC and NBC requirements
  • Working with leading hardware suppliers to offer solutions to suit any projects needs

Custom Aluminum & Glass Doors

Building and installing aluminum and glass doors with the endless options for hardware can present challenges for property developers. Design, sourcing and manufacturing typically require bringing together different companies for one product. Our door service is where our long-standing relationships in metal and glass provide great value for our clients.

Working with our door and hardware suppliers, we can assist architects and developers on selecting the right products to suit the design need. Bringing together the best suppliers and combining our practical knowledge along with their product knowledge, our combined expertise helps our clients achieve the best in design at a competitive price.

  • Aluminum & Glass Door Applications for both interior and exterior applications
  • ‘One Stop shop’ for all of your door and hardware needs
  • Working with leading hardware suppliers to offer solutions to suit any projects needs

Toronto Public Library - Brentwood Branch

Fire Rated Assemblies

TTC 407 Station

The safety of building occupants and workers has always been the highest priority for the engineers and installers at the Gage Group. Our building envelope solutions in both metal and glass are designed and installed to meet Ontario's high level of fire code standards.

We deliver fire-rated assemblies in both metal and glass that provide a smoke seal as well as heat and fire protection to stop flames from spreading past one wall to another. These safeguards allow building occupants enough time to evacuate via the building's means of egress.

  • Fire rated materials and systems for both metal and glass applications
  • Complete fire-rated assemblies or glass inserts for interior fire-rated glazing applications
  • Fire rated doors and hardware

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