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Gage Metal Cladding was founded in 1987 and has fuelled the growth of the Gage Group ever since. Originally catering to the industry demands at the time, this division specialized in corrugated steel siding and deck applications.

Since then, Gage has helped push the construction industry in Ontario forward - advancing from small to medium to landmark projects for developments in both the public and private sectors. Today, the Gage Metal Cladding division boasts a portfolio of projects from from commercial developments, to transportation infrastructure, healthcare facilities, industrial, institutional and high-rise projects.

We offer a wide range of cladding products, from steel roof and floor deck, corrugated metal siding, insulated metal panels, cementitious panels - to our own certified and tested aluminum composite panel system, GAGE System 103.

Gage Products

Steel Roof & Floor Deck

We design, supply and install steel roof and floor deck for various projects such as large commercial warehouse spaces to flagship high-rise towers in the downtown core.  Our manufactured decking systems are designed and engineered to resist wind, rain, snow and live loads to meet applicable building regulations.  Steel deck is an integral part of the building's structural design, and we work with clients to deliver the highest standard of structural integrity for their buildings for the most economical price.

Steel Siding

Initially our #1 area of expertise since our company’s founding, steel siding provided a relatively efficient and cost effective solution for exterior cladding applications.  Our steel siding, sourced from North America’s leading suppliers, is strong, durable and highly adaptable to the varying climates and project specific needs.

Insulated Metal Panels (IMP)

With a constant demand from building designers and owners to improve the performance of the exterior cladding yet keeping costs down at the same time, insulated metal panels have become a leading product in our industry. Working closely with the leading suppliers in North America, GAGE has become a leading installer in IMP applications. Although IMP’s can be installed with relative ease, the integration between other exterior envelope assemblies can be troublesome at the best of times. This is where GAGE excels given our extensive knowledge of the various building envelope products, through our divisions, allows us to ensure any connection to the IMP assembly is 100% air and water tight.

Cementitious Panels

Fibre cement panels can duplicate the look and feel of stone at a more competitive cost.  These panels allow architects and developers to see their more innovative and creative designs come to life.  Similar to our metal panel applications, we install cementitious panels assemblies with underlay materials and insulation to meet the specific design and performance needs of the building.

Metal & Composite Panels

With the endless options for materials, colour and finish, combined with the aesthetic appeal and durable nature of these products, metal panels, specifically metal composite material (MCM) panels, with their light weight, have taken over as the feature application for exterior cladding assemblies. Given the ever increasing demand for these products over the past decade, specifically the metal composite materials, GAGE has since designed, tested and certified our own metal panel system, Gage System 103.

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Our Technology
Gage System 103

GAGE System 103 architectural panels are the ideal system for creating unique and imaginative wall, column, and soffit and fascia designs for virtually any interior or exterior application. This line of System 103 products has been put through an extensive array of testing procedures to ensure we are able to meet and exceed standards for structural and thermal performance, as well as fire safety compliance when required.

Customizable Design Options

Every aspect of our panel system can be customized and engineered to meet even the most complex design requirements. We have an extensive network of suppliers for ACM and plate materials and our in-house CNC machining. GAGE can offer our customers an endless selection of colour, pattern and perforation options.

Performance Tested & Certified

GAGE System 103 has been comprehensively tested to ensure compliance with relevant codes and standards - including air infiltration, water penetration, wind-load resistance and fire resistance.

Fire Resistant & Moisture Controlled

Designed as a rain-screen system to allow for optimal drainage and ventilation. System 103 has a rigid joint filler to eliminate moisture build-up at the base of panels or heads of windows. Composite materials utilize a fire resistant core to ensure our panel assemblies satisfy requirements for fire resistant cladding assemblies.

Reducing Costs at the Design Stage

From the substrates to the finish, our product support specialists will find the right combination of materials for your project's needs. Not only durable and low-maintenance, System 103 has been designed to be light-weight and easy to install. This greatly reduces costs for both supporting substrates and installation labour.


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